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Transfer Case Service

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    Transfer Case Service

    The Basics Behind Transfer Case Services at GM Specialist

    Understanding the Transfer Case

    A transfer case is essential in a four-wheel-drive system, found in both full-time and part-time 4WD vehicles. It operates using gears and, in many modern vehicles, a chain. The transfer case connects to the transmission’s rear, receiving power from it and sending torque to the front and rear drive shafts. This allows the wheels to spin at the same speed and maintain four-wheel drive. Part-time 4WD vehicles often have extra gears in the transfer case, providing additional torque for climbing steep hills. Transfer cases also contain lubricants to keep gears running smoothly.

    Importance of Transfer Case Maintenance

    Regular transfer case maintenance is crucial for extending the life of your 4WD system. Symptoms of a faulty transfer case include grinding noises, difficulty shifting into 4WD, and leaking lubrication. In part-time 4WD vehicles, a faulty transfer case can prevent proper engagement or disengagement of four-wheel drive. Contaminated lubricant can also damage gears inside the transfer case. At GM Specialist, our staff can inspect your transfer case, replace bad fluid, and review the case, its gears, and chain if present.

    Why Choose GM Specialist for Transfer Case Services?

    Adhering to proper service intervals and addressing symptoms of a faulty transfer case can prevent unnecessary damage to your 4WD system. Our team at GM Specialist provides thorough transfer case services, ensuring your 4WD system remains in optimal condition.

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    GM Specialist proudly serves customers in Yuba City, Marysville, Plumas Lake, and surrounding areas for all their transfer case service needs.

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    Let GM Specialist help you maintain your 4WD system with our expert transfer case services.

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